Monday, December 18, 2006

2nd part

Ra, now I have to make another part for this videos, so I can have a trilogy too! Here is the second part of the video, with some considerations to take into account: 1) there is a bizarre cut in the beginning (sound system thingy). I'm sorry for that, my mistake, but I am also sorry for being too lazy to correct it now. In fact, the video is full of grotesque cuts, but I've learn how to avoid this too late. 2) This video was recorded on Sept. 25th-26th, which means it is OLD now and all the "i will", "didn't read/eat/listen yet" talk is old too!

Other than this, I hope you enjoy and give us some feedback, so we can always improve our services! :-D


  1. eu comento em ingles ou em portugues?

    the subtitles were the best!!! d:

  2. ah, o legal era Smiths ao fundo... esqueci de comentar o detalhe!!! ((:

  3. Anonymous3:54 AM

    In english or potuguese?
    Well... finally....
    Ex É EX...
    Finalmente compreendeu, yea!

    Kisses for you and good vibrations!

    Bye and good look!


Uuuuh, so you decided to comment, huh? Well done!