Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday again?

Time is passing sooooooooooooo fast, isn't it? 1½ month to the end of 2006. Usually I like to analyse the past year and list everything I've done to compare with the list of things I've planned to do. This year will be different. I will assume that the year was great and very productive. As I wrote somewhere, someday, my "new year" has started in October, and so far this new year has been great. :-D

Resuming the weekend: Yesterday I booked a quick trip to Lisbon to get my Portuguese ID. I'm leaving on the 22nd. Yesterday we also went for a walk in the woods. Wild nature in the middle of London. Saturday was kitchen adventure. I cooked feijoada and wholemeal bread. It wasn't so bad. I think Cipri appreciated more, but, yeah, I think it was far from great. Well, cooking is not an easy task and requires a lot of practice.

Enough said, I have some work to do. :-/

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