Thursday, September 28, 2006

Once Upon a Time...

Finally a good internet connection! Good wouldn't be fair, a great connection! Yesterday I arrived at my mom's place. I have some duties but I am trying to postpone them. :-P

Bad news: I've forgotten the USB cable of the camera and without it, I cannot download the photos here. I brought the AC cable though. Just in case the battery dies. :-) I'm gonna ask my mom if she has a spare cabel that I can borrow, coz I need new photos to update blogs and fotologs. and Lalá & Lili will kill me if I don't send these pics soon! :-P

I arrived in Brazil on September 18th. It was the worst flight ever! Because this trip wasn't in my plans, I had to look for the cheapest flight possible and this was via Washington. I left London at 4.20 pm (London time) and arrived in Rio at 4 pm (London time). Yeap, almost 24 hours after departing. Not to mention the stress during the flights.

The security procedures in London are more strict, with people having to take off their shoes, throwing away lipsticks, toothpaste and creams. Oh yes, no toothpaste, not even in the airline kit, which, by the way, inexists. So, I was sitting between two musslim ladies (not a problem at all if one of them didn't steal my seat) and a british couple (nothing against, if the guy didn't have such long legs). In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we went through one of the strongest turbulance I've ever been into, right in the middle of dinner! The lady by my side was holding this hot cup of coffee in her hands and she simply turn it to me when the plane started shaking. I hope she will burn in the marble of hell for that! Hunf!

After almost 8 hours of flight, we finally landed in Washington. I had to get my luggage and sent them again. When I got my luggage, one of them had been opened! I checked very quickly if anything was missing, closed and dispatched it again. when I was inside the plane I remembered that THAT one was where my cameras were. Panic! I didn't see my cameras there, coz they were hidden between some towels. What if they have disappeared???? I spent half of the flight thinking about that. It was hard to relax, but in the end I thought "at least the plane didn't fall" and I manage to stay calm the rest of the trip. I won't mention the huge guy by my side, that stick his elbow in my ribs the whole flight.

I arrived in Sao Paulo around 8 am (local time) but had to wait at the airport until 10.45 am. I tried to have a look at Duty Free, but the prices are a bit expensive there. Arriving in Rio I've learned that my luggage was opened by the US Government and that my cameras were there. Meno male.

I was so so tired that I couldn't do much that day, except check some papers, have lunch and talk to my mom on the phone. I tried to sleep early, but i couldn't sleep at all. Tuesday, around 6 am, I was already awake.

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