Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good news

We had our minor projects presentation this afternoon and I have to tell you that it was really cool. The projects were really nice; I think the tutors didn't expect that the results would be so good. Now I'm anxious to see the final show, where we will present our major projects. Although I was exhausted (sleeping little, having nightmares, eating badly, carrying a heavy backpack everywhere, too many hours in front of a computer, etc) and with a horrible headache and feeling miserable because I couldn't manage to save my work (not that important for the marks though) properly in a DVD, it was a nice day. Everybody was in a good mood, having fun, laughing a lot, like it should be everyday. Afterwards we went for some drinks and more talk, more fun, more good time. Even the shitty weather (why do I have to mention this all the time?!) didn't interfere in our moods.

But, yes, and I damn exhausted! I can't collapse now, as this weekend I will start my research for the dissertation, for which I have to prepare a draft to hand in by ends of May. Now that I can see the end of the tunnel getting closer, my head is going round and round with plans and ideas. I wish I could just settle down for a couple of days and enjoy myself and London without thinking about tomorrow.

Oh, I also manage to speak a bit of Portuguse. My tutor's boyfriend was at our presentation and he is Brazilian. Cool! By the way, my friend Ney, whom I used to work with, sent me this lovely Brazil's Official t-shirt. I have to take pictures with it and sent to him (and post here as well). I'm getting ready for the World Cup, my friends. There is a photo of my fan-kit at my photoblog! :-) I just hope my team will not disappoint us.

Gonna sleep now - yey, early, before 2 am! - with the sound of the wind and the rain outside. Nighty night and sweet dreams.

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